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World Level Wrestling is an extremely fun little promotion who have been making a name for themselves since their creation in 2000. At that time, Japanese wrestling was dominated by BHOTWG, PGHW and GCG, three promotions who take wrestling very seriously. WLW decided to be a little more rebellious, and introduced "LuchaResu" - a combination of the high-flying acrobatics of Lucha Libre and the hard-hitting toughness of PuroResu, with more than a hint of comedy. They have become a cult favourite since then, which has taken a few people by surprise.

They have yet to become a true 'name' promotion in Japan, falling behind PGHW, BHOTWG and GCG, but they have the potential to become a popular company.


Basic InformationEdit

  • Founded: December 2000
  • Founder: Koji Kojima
  • Location: Tohoku, Japan
  • Size: Cult
  • Prestige: D
  • Money: 250,000 (approx.)






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Tag TeamsEdit

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
World Level Show Stealer Magnum KOBE April 2, 2007 April 2, 2007
World Level Streetfighting Magnum KOBE May 3, 2007 May 3, 2007
World Level Tag Team Power Trip WLW (Kojima & Kurofuji) April 2, 2007 April 2, 2007
World Level Tap Out Magnum KOBE June 16, 2007 June 16, 2007
World Level Universal Emerald Angel May 4, 2007 May 4, 2007