A worker is a catch-all term for people who work for the promotion. This includes wrestlers, announcers, referees, etc.

This section is where you can view all the workers who are active in the game world. The filter allows you to break the list down further. Avatars are not shown in this list.

From this screen you can see who employs a wrestler, plus his biography, mini-biography (a computer generated description based upon his stats), and skill overview. The skill overview changes depending upon the worker; for wrestlers it will show categories relating to their in-ring skills, while non-wrestlers will show more appropriate categories. The grades shown are calculated by an in-game formula designed to give an overview of the skill in question. For example, the Rumble grade is based upon Brawling, Puroresu and Hardcore. You can see what skills relate to which category via the Worker Profile pop-up, under Skills.

You can get the Worker Profile pop-up by either clicking the worker’s picture or the View Profile button. This gives you lots of information relating to the person in question.

Key amongst these buttons is Negotiate. This is a quick link that allows you to instantly try and get negotiations for employment started with the worker. (If you are a promotion that is set to tour, you will also be asked to select whether you want to negotiate for a normal or touring contract.)

There are other important buttons too.

  • Chemistry This gives you a list of all the chemistry connections that you have found. This is unique to each player, so player 1 can only see what he personally has discovered, not what other players or the AI have picked up on. Entries into this section are automatically made.
  • Personal This section shows relationships, languages and personality. The personality box is particularly important, as it gives you an outline of the person’s major traits. This can be helpful when dealing with a worker in a specific situation.
  • Characters This shows any pre-defined alter-egos that this worker has. This can be useful if you need inspiration on how to package them when they work for you.
  • Availability The availability calendar shows the worker’s current schedule. A red cross means that they are currently set to work that night (it is not a guarantee that they will actually perform that night, only that they are scheduled to be at the show ready to work.) This calendar is not static; if a promotion arranges a new show or gets a new TV deal, it will of course impact all its employees.
  • Shortlist This allows you to add the worker to your shortlist, which is available via the Control Room. Please see that section of the help file for details on the Shortlist.