Tours are cards promoted by touring companies. They are the equivalent of the house shows used by companies that are active for the entire year. In Total Extreme Wrestling 2016, the only two companies that still have a touring schedule are Pride Glory Honor Wrestling and Black Canvas Grappling. Despite having been the traditional Japanese schedule since the beginning of official wrestling promotions in Japan, touring has become nearly extinct in Japan in the CornellVerse, primarily thanks to the rise of the Modern Japan Movement.

Companies that use a touring system will host 2 to 5 non-televised shows every week. These shows culminate in an event held sometime during the month. Companies using this schedule will not be active throughout the entire year. Touring companies will usually be active for 2 to 3 months, then take a one month break and host no shows during that month. Another 2 to 3 month long tour begins the next month. These schedules give workers a lighter work load, allowing them to take breaks throughout the year.

Broadcasters offer touring companies a certain type of contract. Under this contract, a company agrees to tape their tours and air it on the broadcaster at a later time. These tour highlights do not show the entire event; instead showing certain matches from the tour. To use, the player must set "Tour Highlights" to "Yes" when making a broadcasting deal, then do not assign any broadcasters to air a touring event.