The Takeover were a professional wrestling stable in 21st Century Wrestling, formed in October 2007.


Towards the end of 2007 Joss Thompson, Kathleen Lee and Leo Price formed 'The Takeover' a stable driven on success and determined to 'take over' 21CW. Driven by jealousy and rage at losing the 21st Century World title to Jonathan Faust, Thompson put about recruiting members to join him in a quest to, not only regain the 21st Century World title, but all the titles in 21CW and hold it to ransom. Thompson gained huge heel heat for his declaration with the crowd hating the idea of an American taking over the #1 Promotion in the UK. Thompson recruited Kathleen Lee as his Executive Consultant, her years of working on the British Wrestling scene giving him the cutting edge needed to maneuver himself into title shots. Next he recruited Leo Price, the suave Englishman who had joined 21CW in 2006. With Lee as their mouthpiece brokering deals for them, the stable went about trying to capture all the titles within 21CW. Eventually they broke up, and with Thompson heading to USPW, the group is now defunct.