The Supreme Wrestling Federation are the most famous wrestling company in the world and have dominated the North American wrestling market for almost the entire modern era. Run with an iron fist by Richard Eisen, the company has been characterised by his ruthless attitude toward any competition and his genius at promoting.

Having seen off many challengers over the years, SWF were finally overthrown as undisputed kings of American wrestling in 2015 thanks to the combination of USPW's massive growth and a horrific year where they lost several of their biggest stars. Whether an ageing Richard Eisen has enough energy left to lead a revival remains to be seen...




Road AgentsEdit

Tag TeamsEdit

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
SWF World Heavyweight Championship Remo Week 1, December 2015 Week 1, December 2015
SWF North American Championship Joey Morgan December 9, 2007 December 9, 2007
SWF Shooting Star Championship Title Retired Week 1, November 2015 Week 1, November 2015
SWF World Tag Team Championship The Awesomeness Week 1, December 2015 Week 1, December 2015


  • January - When Hell Freezes Over
  • February - Nothing To Lose
  • March - Awesome Impact
  • April - The World Is Watching
  • May - Master Of Puppets
  • June - Times Of Trouble
  • July - The Supreme Challenge
  • August - Welcome To The Jungle
  • September - Under Control
  • October - Let The Games Begin
  • November - Break Like The Wind
  • December - Christmas Clash

TV ShowsEdit

  • Tuesday - SWF Supreme TV