The most successful lucha libre promotion in history, SOTBPW dominate Mexico and in recent years have begun to build a strong brand name in America too. The linchpin of their rise has undoubtedly been Champagne Lover, a luchador whose popularity has completely transcended the business.

Critics have always slammed SOTBPW for using their financial muscle to 'buy success', but the truth is that they're an extremely innovative organisation who aren't afraid to push boundaries; in recent years alone they have attempted a unique 'brand split' which was a fun concept while it lasted, as well as running the televised "Luchador!" talent contest which was hugely popular.




Color CommentatorsEdit


Road AgentsEdit


Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won
Campéon de Mundo SOTBPW Champagne Lover July 2015
Campéon de Menor SOTBPW Cerbero November 2015
Campéones de Parejas SOTBPW Jormungand & Labbu October 2015
Campéones de Tríos SOTBPW Strongman, Héroe, & Capitão Brasil Jr July 2015


  • January - Batalla de las Máscaras
  • February - Guerra de Titanes
  • March - Campeones
  • April - Festival de Homenaje
  • May - Batalla Real
  • June - Infierno
  • July - LuchaMania
  • August - Aniversario
  • September - El Día Nacional De Lucha
  • October - Immortalidad
  • November - Día de los Muertos
  • December - Feliz Navidad

TV ShowsEdit

  • Monday - Televisión
  • Friday - Lucha Libre