Sean McFly is generally considered to be one of the best all-round wrestlers to have graced the squared circle in the past two decades. He first came to people's attention very early in his career when, aged just 21, he won the SWF world championship. After several years with the company he eventually moved on to work for NOTBPW; it should be noted that this probably wasn't for purely professional reasons, as in 2001 he married Victoria Stone whose family own and run the promotion. An integral part of the NOTBPW roster, age means that McFly's best in-ring days are behind him but he remains a supremely gifted worker capabale of having great matches given the right opponents.

Employment HistoryEdit

Title HistoryEdit

  • SWF World Heavyweight Championship (2) (February 1998 - October 1998)
  • NOTBPW Canadian Championship (2) (February 2002 - November 2002)
  • NOTBPW Canadian Championship (3) (February 2003 - December 2003)
  • NOTBPW Canadian Championship (4) (April 2006 - July 2007)
  • NOTBPW Canadian Championship (5) (July 2012 - May 2013)