"The Disco Stud" Robbie Retro is a big 278lb rookie brawler, who made his pro debut in 2004. His enormously fun character very quickly won him a cult following on the Northern independent circuit, and many who have met him have confirmed that "The Disco Stud" is merely a version of his real life wacky personality, just amped up a bit to make it more over the top. Seeing his potential, SWF signed him in 2005, and he has steadily been working his way up the promotion ladder ever since.


Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 278 lbs
  • Birth Date: February 4, 1986
  • Birth Place: Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Resides: Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Billed From: Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Disco Capital Of The World
  • Debut: February 29, 2004

Signature MovesEdit

Death On The Dancefloor (Powerbomb)

Disco Ball (Diving DDT)

The Robot (Like the Worm, but stops to do the robot dance first)

Title HistoryEdit