After seeing how successful Rip Chord had been with Mid Atlantic Wrestling at creating an old-style territorial promotion to help give workers valuable experience, Richard Eisen decided that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery and promptly followed suit.

Rhode Island Pro Wrestling was set up in August 2006 to be a "feeder league" for the SWF, using the MAW-template of taking raw talent off the independent circuit and seeing if they could be molded into workers worthy of the main roster. Professor Nero was originally entrusted with the job of running the company, with Mean Jean Cattley taking over upon Nero's retirement in 2014. RIPW has been a big success, with many of its alumni graduating onto the SWF roster.






Road AgentsEdit


Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
RIPW Championship Spencer Spade Week 1, December 2015
RIPW USA Championship Robbie Wright Week 1, October 2015
RIPW Tag Team Championship Matty Faith & Ranger Week 1, August 2015
RIPW March To Victory Tournament Masked Patriot March 2015


  • January - Championship Battle
  • February - Rivalry
  • March - March To Victory
  • April - Survival
  • May - Destiny
  • June - Driven
  • July - Ultimate Showdown
  • August - SummerClash
  • September - Triple Threat
  • October - Clash Of The Titans
  • November - Black Friday
  • December - Battle Royal