Promotions are wrestling companies. These promotions hold shows and hire workers who participate in these shows. For the most part, when on-screen or during a show, a promotion stays within kayfabe. Behind the scenes however, a promotion is booked by a booker, with everything being predetermined. In Total Extreme Wrestling 2016, players can own and/or book a promotion. Each promotion has it's own product and workers.


Some promotions have a product where workers are rated on performance, while others have a product where workers are rated on popularity. Promotions with a product where workers are rated on performance usually places an emphasis on modern and pure style wrestling, along with hyper realism in matches. Promotions with an emphasis on popularity usually place an emphasis on a mainstream product. They also place emphasis on a product with risque content. Other things such as a face and heel dynamic doesn't affect this.

Promotions may also run storylines (feuds between workers) or have a figurehead. All promotions must manage their finances and backstage morale.