DAVE's demise in April 2007 hit many people hard, but it was far from unexpected - there had been signs of their coming closure for years in advance. Mitch Naess, Phil Vibert's protege and the long time voice of DAVE, therefore had a lot of time to plan ahead in case the worst did happen, and that is how Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling came to be.

The concept was simple; to start again and to repeat the formula that had worked first time around, but to avoid the traps that DAVE fell into. Naess, aided by a number of DAVE alumni, thus began the mission to try and succeed where DAVE failed....and to complete the revolution.






Road AgentsEdit

  • None

Current title holdersEdit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
PSW Championship Grandmaster Phunk Week 1, June 2015
PSW National Championship Ernest Youngman Week 1, July 2015
PSW Tag Team Championship Acid II & Stuntman Week 1, August 2015