OLLIE are the oldest active wrestling promotion in the entire world, having celebrated their 60th birthday in 2015. They are sometimes known as "The People's Promotion", a reference to their golden era when their low-cost shows would fill arenas with entire families. Famously, there is much confusion over what their initials stand for and there are at least five competing theories with a strong claim to being the truth.

At one point in time they were the most successful company in Mexico, running sold out shows every night with the greatest collection of stars ever seen on one roster. The emergence of MPWF and SOTBPW ended OLLIE's stranglehold on lucha libre though, and nowadays their glory days are well and truly a thing of the past as they struggle to stay afloat in the face of SOTBPW's domination.




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Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won
Campéon de Universal OLLIE Hijo Del Mephisto December 2015
Campéon de Mexico OLLIE North Star Jr July 2015
Campéones de Parejas OLLIE La Sombra Jr & Cosmic Rider October 2015
Campéones de Tríos OLLIE Amo Del Gato, Hellspawn 666, & Slayyer July 2015
Campéon de ls Mujeres OLLIE Queen Amazon September 2015


  • March - Día De Todo el Guerrero
  • June - Más allá de la Máscara
  • September - El Día Nacional De Lucha
  • October - Revolución
  • November - Día de los Muertos
  • December - Venganza