New England is a region in the United States of America. The region is home to Rhode Island Pro Wrestling and it's parent company: the Supreme Wrestling Federation. It's an important region in the country, and is home to Richard Eisen's Sports Entertainment product.

  • Importance: 90%
  • Community: 90%



  • Biker's Paradise – 300 - Biker's Paradise is an infamous club in Boston, which has been hosting wrestling, boxing, and tough man contests for many years.
  • Carpenter Park – 75,000 - Carpenter Park is the home ground of the New Hampshire Hobos.
  • Connecticut Symphony Hall – 10,000 - The Connecticut Symphony Hall is a famous music venue, which often runs wrestling events in it basement-level "B" hall.
  • Lakeland Arena – 50,000 - The Lakeland Arena is the home to the Rhode Island Scholars basketball team.
  • Laurent Ballroom – 5,000 - The Laurent Ballroom in Vermont can hold around 5,000 people, and has been the site of some good wrestling events over the years.
  • Mayor Street Arena – 15,000 - The Mayor Street Arena is primarily associated with boxing, but over the past decade has started allowing wrestling companies to host events there too.
  • New Hampshire Garden – 30,000 - New Hampshire Garden was originally a baseball venue, until the Maine Drifters went out of business in 1983. It re-opened in the 1990s and has become a regular location for wrestling events.
  • The Den – 2,000 - The Den is a small training facility that is used by fighters from many disciplines. It also has a small seated venue for hosting fights, and has often had wrestling on the bill.
  • The Skid Row Club – 1,000 - A famous club in Rhode Island, it was originally a venue for jazz musicians, but has since evolved to also host other events, including wrestling.