The Mid West is a region in the United States of America. It's a somewhat important region, having a 90% importance rate and 90% community size.


  • Hunter's Town Hall – 300 - Situated in Iowa, the Hunter's Town Hall is used by some local wrestling groups to host their shows.
  • Iowa State Fayre – 15,000 - The Iowa State Fayre is an open piece of land that is often used for larger events like concerts of sporting contests. Wrestling has been held there as long as anyone can remember.
  • J. Morrison Gardens – 75,000 - Home of the Missouri Thunder, the J. Morrison Gardens is a wonderfully family-friendly venue.
  • Minnesota Coliseum – 10,000 - A wrestling venue for over 50 years, the Minnesota Coliseum is noted for its great atmosphere.
  • Missouri State Armory – 5,000 - The government-owned Missouri State Armoury is occasionally rented out for wrestling events.
  • The Gardens of North Dakota – 30,000 - The nationally-renowned Gardens Of North Dakota contain a modern indoor venue which is normally used for concerts, but has also been used for wrestling in the past.
  • The Junkyard – 1,000 - The Junkyard is located opposite a real junkyard in Minnesota, hence its name. A cramped venue that can only hold 1,000 people, it does however have a great atmosphere for wrestling events.
  • The Nebraska Bowl – 50,000 - Situated right in the heart of Nebraska, this impressive sports venue can hold up to 50,000 fans.
  • War Memorial Auditorium – 2,000 - The War Memorial Auditorium may only be able to hold 2000 fans, but they're a loyal bunch who love wrestling, especially old-school style.