Wrestling legend Rip Chord, upon his retirement in 2005, used his own money to set up Mid Atlantic Wrestling. A throwback to the old days of small territorial promotions, the idea behind the company was to provide an evironment where young wrestlers could hone their skills and be prepared for life in the big leagues.

Chord retired in 2011 and handed the promotion and its mission over to his friend, Sam Keith. MAW has continued to go from strength to strength and has an enviable record when it comes to producing top quality talent.






Road AgentsEdit


Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
Mid Atlantic Championship Greg Gauge Week 1, October 2015 Week 1, October 2015
Mid Atlantic American Championship Hal Harvard Week 1, August 2015 Week 1, August 2015
Mid Atlantic Tag Team Championship Syd Collier & Cameron Jones Week 1, October 2014 Week 1, October 2014
Rip Chord Invitational Challenge Greg Gauge January 2015 January 2015
Sam Keith Classic Hijo del Mephisto & Silver Tiger July 2015 July 2015