The Mid Atlantic is a region in the United States of America. It's similar to the Great Lakes in terms of it's importance to the wrestling world and the size of it's wrestling community. However, it's home to Mid Atlantic Wrestling, a small promotion used to develop workers and prepare them for the big leagues.

  • Importance: 85%
  • Community: 90%




  • Centerpiece Bridge – 5,000 - Centerpiece Bridge in South Carolina was built in the 70s, and is known for having some of the harshest fans around.
  • Delaware Auditorium – 1,000 - The Delaware Auditorium has been packing a thousand people in to see wrestling since the late 1960s, and shows no signs of stopping yet.
  • Isaak Road Arena – 15,000 - The Isaak Road Arena is a very popular venue in Maryland, famous for its oddly sloping roof.
  • Maryland Wood – 30,000 - Maryland Wood is the country's top tennis venue, but has also hosted wrestling in the past.
  • North Carolina Biker Museum – 2,000 - Primarily North America's finest collection of motorbike-related items, the North Carolina Biker Museum also contains a venue for events, and has hosted wrestling shows in the past.
  • Rowland Stadium – 75,000 - Home to the North Carolina Rhinos, the Rowland Stadium is a 75,000 seater venue.
  • Stanley Hall – 300- Located in Maryland, Stanley Hall is lucky to pack in more than a few hundred fans, but with its state-of-the-art facilities, it is a favourite amongst wrestlers.
  • The J. Bomme Pentagon – 50,000 - The Delaware Threat call this their home, a modern sporting venue with excellent acoustics. It is called the Pentagon due to its shape.
  • Virginia Park Fields – 10,000- Virginia Park Fields is a custom built venue for basketball games, but has the ability for seating to be added to the court so that it can host concerts and also wrestling shows.