Mexico Premier Wrestling FederationEdit

Mexico Premier Wrestling Federation were the first promotion to emerge and challenge OLLIE for the status of lucha libre's biggest company. In a famous moment in Mexican wrestling history, they were formed after four of OLLIE's biggest stars of the time - El Barbaro, Mephisto, El Fantasma and El Águila Americana - walked out after a contract dispute, and their star power allowed the company to survive and eventually thrive against their more powerful rivals.

One of the traditional 'Big Three' of lucha, MPWF were hit harder than anyone else by SOTBPW's rise in the late 2000s. Their fate was sealed in 2014 when most of their main event crew jumped ship to their big rival. With attendances dropping dramatically and few genuine stars left, MPWF went out of business by the end of the year.

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won
Campéon de Herencia de Mundo MPWF Ultimate Phoenix August 19, 2007
Campéon de Lucha MPWF Hijo Del Relámpago November 12, 2007
Campéones de Parejas MPWF Hombre de La Energía & Snap Dragon June 26, 2007
Campéones de Tríos MPWF Apprentica Jr, Daniel Cano & Javier Cano July 4, 2007