Hawaii is a region in the United States of America. It has the smallest amount of importance in the wrestling world and the smallest community size in the United States of America. No promotions are active there. However, the Supreme Wrestling Federation set up their Supreme Wrestling University there.


  • Importance: 70%
  • Community Size: 45%
  • Club Absinthe - 1,000 - A hotspot formerly beloved by the locals, Club Absinthe has since become more of a tourist trap than anything else. However, its listing in many of the world's foremost guidebooks makes it a great venue for smaller local events.
  • DeVeer's Pavilion - 15,000 - Built in a seemingly incongruous area of Molokai, DeVeer's Pavilion has maintained its place as one of Hawaii's most sought after venues for music, sports, the arts, and culture.
  • Ellison's - 5,000 - Ellison's, a large family style restaurant with deep roots in the community, has been known to make their space available for rent, to drum up additional cash.
  • Jerry's Basement - 300 - Owned by a local slumlord, the Basement has developed a reputation as a cheap venue for the burgeoning local wrestling promotions to use as a stepping stone.
  • Mauna Lai Coliseum - 50,000 - Mauna Lai Coliseum, just steps from Waikiki Beach, is currently a part of the Mauna Lai Sports Complex. The largest venue by far, it has been host to football games for the local university, as well as larger wrestling, boxing, and MMA events.
  • Mauna Lai Sports Club - 10,000 - Part of the Mauna Lai Sports Complex, the Sports Club remains one of the world's largest health clubs. With ample space and facilities, it has in recent years become very popular with local sports promoters.
  • Outrigger Arena - 30,000 - Outrigger Arena, named for a large local chain of surf shops, has seen large concerts by some of the world's most famous pop stars, as well as its fair share of sporting events in its 18 year history.
  • Sunrise Sunset - 2,000 - Beloved by the local populace, Sunrise Sunset is an environmentally friendly venue often frequented by environmental groups for rallies.