Dark EAGLE is a veteran of the Super Junior scene in Japan; making his professional debut in 1985, he has recently passed the twenty year mark in his career. Despite his advancing years, he remains one of the most fluid, reliable, exciting junior wrestlers around. Over the course of his career he has worked for nearly every promotion going, but in recent years he has settled down in WLW, where he is a former Universal champion, and leader of the main heel stable, The Circle Of Blood.


Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 5ft 9
  • Weight: 201lbs
  • Birth Date: April 29, 1965
  • Birth Place: Tottori, Japan
  • Resides: Tottori, Japan
  • Billed From: Tottori, Japan
  • Debut: August 12, 1985

Signature MovesEdit

  • Eagle Shock (Krusher Drop)

Title HistoryEdit

World Level Universal (August 23, 2004 - January 5, 2005)