The Confederation Of The Territories was created by Sam Keith in 2011 as one of his first big acts after taking over Mid Atlantic Wrestling. His pitch was that an old-school talent trading alliance between regional-level promotions would benefit everyone - the companies would get fresh talent on a regular basis and the wrestlers would gain experience and more places to work. Originally the alliance was only active in America, the founding members being NYCW, MAW, and CZCW, but the grouping soon proved popular and 2012 saw the COTT expand further by adding in 4C from Canada and OLLIE from Mexico.

Type of AllianceEdit

  • Protective Alliance (No member can run shows in the other members home regions, unless it's also their home region)
  • Trading (Members can trade workers with each other)

Eligible CompaniesEdit

  • Companies based in North America
  • Small and Regional sized companies