This page lists all broadcasters in Total Extreme Wrestling 2016. Broadcasters show a promotion's content on TV. There are four different types of broadcasters: Pay-Per-View, Commercial, Free-To-Air, and Subscription based. The revenue and popularity received depends on the type of broadcaster used and the amount of coverage.


Pay-Per-View based broadcasters give you more money than other types of broadcasters. This is because they air content on Pay-Per-View, meaning that people pay money to view a promotion's show. Pay-Per-View based broadcasters will air TV shows and events. However, if a promotion airs to many Pay-Per-Views in a short time, the amount of viewers will start to decrease, and the revenue will be lower.


Commercial based broadcasters air content. They are different from Pay-Per-View based broadcasters. A promotion gets less money from commercial based broadcasters than Pay-Per-View based broadcasters. This is because people can watch a promotion's content for free, but the promotion still gets revenue from advertising shown during the show. The amount of viewers will not drop if a show is shown regularly on a commercial based broadcaster. If a show is long, has a good time slot, and the company using it is large, then this can be used to gain fans and get a stable revenue source.


A broadcaster who airs free content gives absolutely no revenue to a promotion. However, due to the fact that there are no advertisers and the content is free, it is easy to get people to view the show, and so it can be a good way to increase a companies fanbase, and is useful if the promotion has other sources of revenue in place.


A subscription based broadcaster is similar to a commercial based broadcaster. However, the potential for a promotion to grow it's fanbase is limited. There are also stricter requirements from the broadcaster.