Big Smack Scott (Scott Sinclair) is infamous as one of the most disliked and controversial wrestlers in North America (and that's really only because he hasn't travelled anywhere else yet). This is not just because of his giant ego and attitude problems, but also because he is well known as a sloppy worker whose unsafe moves have injured many of his peers. Despite his many, many, many issues, it is undisputable that Scott does have a magic "X factor" about him which makes him an incredibly effective heel, and that might explain why the SWF took a big risk (and upset half the locker room) by signing him in 2006. So far it seems to have been a decent gamble; he's adopted a much safer ring style, has heat with less than 75% of the locker room (so far), and actually has a great tag team going with Kurt Laramee.

Employment HistoryEdit

Title HistoryEdit

  • SWF World Tag Team Championship (2) (September 2011 - March 2012) (With Kurt Laramee)
  • SWF World Tag Team Championship (3) (March 2015 - July 2015) (With Kurt Laramee)