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Prior to 2007, the wrestling business in the southern hemisphere was in pretty dire shape; a handful of tiny promotions could be found in Australia, but most were struggling just to cover their costs, let alone thrive. It was James J McMinister, head of a large mining firm in Melbourne, who saw the potential for something bigger, and in February 2007 he officially founded Australian Pro Wrestling, the first major promotion the continent had ever had.

McMinister's plan was simple; buy out all of the smaller companies in order to create one "super" promotion, combining the best talent from each. His gamble was that there was enough talent available to allow the promotion to survive for a couple of years, giving time for a new generation of young wrestlers to appear and bolster the roster further. Whether APW is the start of a bright new era or the final nail in the coffin of wrestling in Australia remains to be seen...

Basic InformationEdit

  • Founded: February 2007
  • Location: Eastern (Australia)
  • Prestige: 15%
  • Money: USD $250,000





Other StaffEdit


  • James J McMinister

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Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won
APW Commonwealth Harry Simonson April 1, 2007
APW Australian Swoop McCarthy June 3, 2007
APW Tag Team Blake Belushi & Rick Stantz June 3, 2007