Areas are the places in Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 and are made up of Regions. In Total Extreme Wrestling 2016, there are seven areas: USA, Canada, Mexico, British Isles, Japan, Europe, and Australia. The areas are home to different promotions. In some regions, certain types of products are more popular than others; hardcore styles promotions are more popular in Japan than in the rest of the world. Each area has an economy and industry level. This shows how good or bad the economy is in different areas, and how good the wrestling industry is different areas. Japan is also the only area that has worker loyalty and young lions. Worker loyalty is when a worker is completely loyal to one company, and they will not take offers to go work with another company, unless the company they're loyal to goes out of business. Young Lions are workers who have a low level of respect and are young. These workers have no yet paid their dues, so fans expect them to lose to older workers who are not Young Lions.