Tom "Angry" Gilmore is a superb Canadian worker who has established an international reputation for excellence. When he first began his career he was seen as an innovative high flier, mixing traditional mat work with some flashy daredevil tactics, and the pinnacle of this part of his career was winning the coveted Burning Junior title in Japan. He came to wrestle in America with SWF in 2002, his first major run with a "name" North American company, bulking up his muscle mass and changing his style accordingly. For most of his SWF run he was a great 'second tier' guy, a vital member of the roster but not quite in a position to main event. In 2015, with the SWF main event scene in tatters, Gilmore was finally given a shot at being a truly top guy and pushed accordingly.

Employment HistoryEdit

Title HistoryEdit

  • SWF North American Championship (2) (April 2005 - November 2005)
  • SWF North American Championship (3) (November 2012 - June 2013)