Set up in 1996 by Anne Stardust, the Angel Athletic Association were for many years the only place in the US where decent women's wrestling could be found. Although QAW and the USPW women's division have since added to that, AAA remain one of the best places to work for female wrestlers.

Almost exclusively active in the North West, where they have a devoted fan base, AAA have always resisted expanding any further, seemingly content to continue with their comfortable existence rather than taking a risk and aiming for much larger profits. In 2015 Catherine Quine took over the company and may now look to change that long-time approach.




Road AgentsEdit




Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won
AAA Femme Fatale Sara Marie York Week 1, August 2015
AAA Top Contender's Talia Quinzel Week 1, December 2015
AAA Tag Team Kate Lilly and Debbie Rose Week 1, October 2015


  • January - Pretty Amazing
  • February - More Than Meets The Eye
  • March - Girl On Girl Action
  • April - Not Just A Pretty Face
  • May - Girls Aloud
  • June - Babe Blast
  • July - Women Of Wrestling
  • August - Girls Night Out
  • September - Liberation
  • October - Battle Of The Babes
  • November - Queen Of The Ring
  • December - Deadlier Than The Male