ALPHA-1: Japanese Mixed Martial Arts is the most successful MMA company the world has ever seen and have become a big part of the cultural landscape in Japan and Asia. Owned by a big video game retailer, they have the benefit of massive financial muscle behind them which allows them to bring in the best fighters from around the world. The rise of GAMMA has given them a worthy rival, but for now at least the Japanese behemoth reigns supreme.

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Light HeavyweightEdit





Championship Current Champion Prestige Date won Defenses
ALPHA-1 Super Heavyweight Championship Palmer Lette 62% Saturday, Week 4, October 2001 Yet To Defend
ALPHA-1 Heavyweight Championship Hassan Fezzik 83% Saturday, Week 1, February 2001 1 Defense Made
ALPHA-1 Light Heavyweight Championship Jin Katou 90% Saturday, Week 3, June 2000 2 Defenses Made
ALPHA-1 Middleweight Championship Joaquim Fontes 86% Saturday, Week 3, August 2001 Yet To Defend
ALPHA-1 Welterweight Championship Noach Van Der Capellen 76% Saturday, Week 4, December 2000 2 Defenses Made
ALPHA-1 Lightweight Championship Sukarno 75% Saturday, Week 1, September 2001 Yet To Defend


  • 1999 Company Of The Year
  • 2001 Company Of The Year


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